Shrink sleeves are used as 360° (full) body decoration, for products of almost any given shape, providing you with a maximum marketing and promotion facility. They can be used in the food and nutrition sector, for household products, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, etc. Thanks to the shrink sleeves fitting closely to the shape of the product (bottle, can, container, etc), the possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Shrink sleeves are particularly suited for promotional activities, where various products are packed together such as duo packs or multi packs.

Shrink sleeves can also be used for 'guaranteed' sealing of products (tamper-proofing or pre-form), as a ‘warranty’ that the packaging has never been opened before.

• Decoration of the entire product (bottle, can, container, etc)
• High marketing appeal
• Internal printing (as standard) offering excellent scratch resistance
• Printable, guaranteed seal (tamper evident)
• Pre-formed guaranteed seal (pre-form)
• Promotional packaging, such as duo pack or multi pack
• UV barrier
• Can be used on plastics, metal and glass
• Product protection
• Small runs and short delivery times
• Low storage costs
• Excellent shelf presentation

Standard materials:
• PLA (biodegradable)

Printing techniques:
• Heliogravure
• Offset
• Flexo

• on roll
• cut to size with vertical and/or horizontal perforations
• pre-formed
• with tear strip possibilities

Please enquire for all the possibilities.