Headerbags (onderbevulling)

These bags are manufactured from crystal clear polypropylene and finished with a side seal, making the dimensions extremely accurate. The header bag consists of two compartments. The top part (header) has additional strength to allow your product to be presented hanging, meanwhile the bottom part is for packaging the product. If required, the header bags can be provided with a self-seal lip, for securing the bag. The printed or unprinted header bags can be produced in any size. They are ideal for hand packaging small, flat and/or lightweight products such as greeting cards, stationery, hobby products, stickers, party products, textiles, hair and skin care products, jewellery, etc.

Standard material
• OPP (Oriënted Polypropylene) for packaging small, light or flat products.
• CastPP (Cast Polypropylene) for packaging slightly heavier products which demand a stronger seal.
• laminated OPP/CastPP for printing between two layers of film and a stronger seal.

Other materials are possible. Ask us about the possibilities.

Standard specifications
• film thickness OPP: 30 and 40 micron.
• film thickness CastPP: 40 and 50 micron.
• film thickness OPP / CastPP: 60, 80 and 100 micron.
• sizes: minimum width is 40 mm and maximum length (incl. header) is 800 mm.
• header: inlay in OPP 80 or 120 micron, white or transparent.
• self-seal tape: permanent or re-sealable.
• die cuts: euroloch, butterfly and round hole (various sizes).
• prints: hot stamp, flexo printing or rotogravure, to a maximum of 8 colours.

Nonstandard models, thickness and die cuts are possible. Please enquire for all the possibilities.

Headerbags (onderbevulling)