Flowwrapzakken vlak

These bags are manufactured from crystal clear polypropylene. They have been supplied with a seal at the rear and the bottom. An even more robust seam can be created by folding over the bottom and then sealing the bag. Flow wrap bags are mainly used for packaging products which require a stronger seal. The unprinted or printed bags can be produced to any required size. Flow wrap bags are ideal for hand packaging smaller, finer products, such as chocolate, sweets, etc.

Standard materials
• OPP Coex for packaging smaller or finer products.
• OPP Coex/laminated OPP Coex, among other things for printing between two layers of film.
• Coated OP, for among other things increasing the shelf life of certain foodstuffs.

Other materials are an option. Please enquire for all the possibilities.

Standard specifications
• film thickness OPP Coex: 25, 30 and 40 microns.
• film thickness OPP Coex / OPP Coex: 50 microns.
• width: minimum 60 mm, maximum 240 mm.
• length: minimum 150 mm, maximum 550 mm.
• prints: flexo printing or rotogravure, to a maximum of 8 colours.

Different models and thicknesses are possible. Ask us about the possibilities.

Flowrapzakken (vlak)