EarthFilm is an environmentally friendly flexible packaging for dry and moist foods, which can be recycled through paper collection. This paper has a plastic-free, heat-sealable coating, with a grease, water and moisture barrier.

EarthFilm is sustainable because it is made from a source of renewable materials. This paper is recyclable through paper recycling and compostable.

If desired, the EarthFilm can be printed with natural water-based inks.

The EarthFilm has been developed to provide a good and affordable solution for flexible food packaging, which is also environmentally friendly.

The EarthFilm comes in three versions. Standard, barrier and high barrier. The high barrier is transparent, allowing you to see the packaged product!


FAQs - Frequently asked questions

What is the EarthFilm ™ made of?
Paper, with a water-based heat-sealable barrier coating.

Can the EarthFilm be sealed?
Yes, the material can be sealed inline on a flow wrap machine.

Is the EarthFilm recyclable?
Yes, it is possible to recycle paper.

Are there different versions?
Yes, standard, barrier and high barrier. Which version you need depends on what you want to package and the shelf life required.

Is this sustainable packaging?
Yes, because the EarthFilm is made entirely from renewable raw materials.

Can the EarthFilm be printed?
Yes, it can be fully printed.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
Yes, for printed EarthFilm there is a minimum order quantity of 1,000 linear meters.

What can I pack in the EarthFilm?
Anything dry or moist, such as grains / granolas, dried fruits, food supplements, diet pills, pet food, chips, nuts, seeds, etc.

Can the material also be supplied as a stand-up pouch or as a flat bag, instead of on a roll?
Yes, this is our EarthPouch ™ or EarthBag.

Is the EarthFilm compostable?
Yes, the EarthFilm is compostable.

Do you have an official "Plastic-Free" accreditation?
Yes, we are "Plastic-Free" certified at A Plastic Planet. If you would like to use the Plastic Free logo, we can provide you with the contact details and advise you on the procedure.